Cawood in flood

So I was going to look for somewhere abandoned then had a change of mind, so here are a few of the flood waters at Cawood, the bridge is closed as you can see the road beyond is under water.

The river is usually the tree lined bit in the first picture (middle of photo turning to the right), the flood defences worked and saved the village.

Bit of trivia, the house on the right of the bridge used to leave a small boat at the other side of the river, I would deliver his milk in there and he’d pull it across (he also used it to get to the pub)

Hopefully @paulmouncer will add a few, he was my wingman as usual for the morning ;o)


Brilliant photos

So sad for those affected all that poo :poop: from the flooded drains etc Water is devastating & causes so much damage in a property even when it’s inadvertently been supplied clean from United Utilities (local to me)

Came home to flood from sink tap hose splitting caused chaos and that was only 2” deep at most


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