CC3D Confguration Help

Hi I hope someone can help me. Built a QAV250 clone as a lockdown project. got everything configured using Libre GCS but can’t seem to save to the cc3d flight controller. As soon as power is removed all settings disappear.

I have replaced the cc3d (still have the old one) thinking its storage must be shot. The new one comes with CleanFlight and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Have tried Rescue process in GCS but it refuses to connect the board (presumably it doesn;t like the CleanFlight bootloader?

Any ideas or would someone be willing to be very nice to a newbie and check his flight controllers / flash them for him?

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Clean flight is leaps and bounds better than Libra pilot. If you need help doing config give me a shout

The CC3D uses an F1 CPU, which is not supported by latest releases of Betaflight, Cleanflight, iNav etc. So you would need to use a firmware version that is a year or so old.
IMHO I suggest you ditch the CC3D, get at least a F4 board (e.g. Kakute) and then as @Wyntrblue says run Cleanflight. You’ll get much better performance/response and there’s no shortage of help or assistance for Cleanflight on YouTube and this forum :smile:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi both,

Thank you for your help and advice. I will look into a Kakute but in the short term I will try and workout Cleanflight. I figured how to set the minimum for the motors but dont understand how to calibrate the remote control - was hoping for a nice wizard like in gcs but cant seem to find one?


Motor calibration…

Connect flight controller to pc (no battery connected)
Go to the motors tab.
Tick the box for I know the risks
Remove propellers
Set the master slider to maximum.
Plug in battery
Wait for beeps from your esc’s
Set throttle to min
Wait for beeps

Untick box

For the remote control

Go to the receiver tab and ensure all your sticks move from minimum 1000 to maximum of 2000

No other calibration required