Cellar Heads, Risby, East Yorkshire

Cellar Heads is a moated building, built by Sir Ralph Ellerker in the mid-16th Century. It is thought to have been used as a hunting lodge, and was associated with the nearby Risby Hall and deer park. Local stories mention that Henry VIII possibly stayed there. The use of the word ‘Cellars’ in its name possibly indicates that it was a substantial building (to have had cellars).

To the north of the building is a dry valley, thought to be a deer course. Deer would have been driven along the valley, whilst the nobles would shoot arrows at them from a platform close to the lodge.

The building was surrounded by a moat, however only three arms of the moat still exist and are visible as ditches. The northern arm has been destroyed by extensive quarrying.

I managed to carry out a mapping mission with my Mini 2 and Litchi (processed with WebODM and QGIS). Quite pleased with the results:

This is the orthophograph of the monument:

The image below is digital surface map, with the moat ditches clearly visible as a blue colour. The quarrying in the north shows up as the purple section.


Easy to see I would imagine if your NOT colour blind?

I’ve adjusted the colour palette to be more blue/orange, any better?


colour blind?

For those of you with black and white TV’s, the blue ball is behind the pink one (snooker reference from the early 70’s)