Changes to CTR status?

Hi All,
Just looking at Altitude Angel, and it appears that some of the UK’s CTR zones are being removed as of Thursday 6th October… Definitely appears that Manchester, Liverpool and London are being removed… Have I missed something?

Class D airspace has never applied to our hobbyist <120m drone flights (which is why it’s off by default on Drone Scene), so you’ve probably not missed a thing :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I get that it doesnt apply to our specifics, just seemed strange for such big changes to be planned. I did a PPL with an RAF Scholarship in my late teens from Blackpool, and the CTR / low level route btween Manchester and Liverpool was soo rigidly applied it was scary…

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Hi Suzanne. Who did you train with? Was it Keith at Blackpool Flying Club? I only ask because I flew ouf of Squires Gate on a number of occasions on photo missions (with Ben, the Flying Shepherd).

It was in the mid 80’s with ANT - Air Navigation and Training, got to play in Cherokee’s for 40 hrs, was fun, especially the solo x-country to Liverpool and Caernarvon :slight_smile:

That’s the fellas. ANT. (My memory of the 80s is fading!) We would hire a 152 and a pilot when we were taking pictures in the North-West. Ben used to let me fly the aircraft to the target area then take over while I took the pictures. First time out I had to explain to him that we needed to be at 500 feet(ish) as the altitude he was at meant I couldn’t get all the property in the picture!


Lol, then you probably flew in the same aircraft as me, B-BASL, BBEF and BBPU… Tbh my memory of the 80’s, 90’s and ever since is fading :wink:

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