Changing image and video file numbering sequence on Mini 3 Pro

Forgive me if this subject has been covered elsewhere, I’ve looked but can’t find it mentioned anywhere.
Does anyone know of a way to change the file numbering system on a dji Mini 3 Pro to continuous. Every time I format my Micro SD card the drone numbering system reverts to starting at No 1. This means I need to place my images in separate folders on the computer each time to avoid files with the same number being overwritten.
I’ve seen posts somewhere for other drones where this is possible, but I’ve not been able to achieve this with the Mini 3. Am I missing a trick or is this not possible?

As far as I know, nope … can’t be done. The file numbering will reset each time you take the last set of images off the card. I.e. restart at DJI-001 again. Complete bonkers.

It would have been better just to use the date file naming convention, e.g. yyyymmdd_hhmmss.jpg … or similar.

  1. Some users have reported that if they format the SD card on the PC after taking the images off, it doesn’t reset the numbering.

  2. Other users have said they leave the last single image on there, so that the numbering continues.

I have tried neither, so cannot comment if they work. I now just create folders for each flight to avoid overwriting any existing files on my PC.

yep - it is a pain!

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I do this.

The problem is present even on the original Mavic Pro from way back when :confused:

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Thanks for that snippet of information.
I’ll try the method of leaving the last image on the card which seems sensible.
Not keen on formatting cards on devices to which they will not be used, I always format cards on the appropriate devices to prevent issues with compatibility.


Tried your suggestion of leaving the last numbered image on disc, then taking some photographs. Yes, it does work, the numbers of the new images follow on consecutively from the last image on disc. Exactly what I need.
Thanks for the suggestion


Great, thanks for letting me know.

Feel free to mark it as the solution, as this may help others who ask the same.

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Hi there, I like to format my card rather than delete the downloaded images. I tried saving the last image as a favourite, thinking that may keep it. However, is was just written over. So I think if the card is formatting then the numbering just restarts at 001- unless I am missing something.

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Formatting will restart the count.

The only way is to manually delete all the images / videos except the most recent one(s).

That way it should carry on.

You may be able to rename 001 file to say 2042 and see if it continues with 2043 - I have not tried this.

Formatting the card will wipe evrything from it, so try copying the last file back to it, ie. after formatting and before putting back in the drone (or copy across if formatting in the drone).

Yep a bit of a bugbear. What I do is to download images/ video to a folder created when I download images ( typically once a fortnight- month) Next time I download, I create another folder in the same location on my computer, ie “drone1, drone 2, drone 3 and so on. That way I can keep track of photos/ videos fairly easily.

I ended this problem years ago … not due to it starting at 001 after formatting, but only when I’d got the end of the number sequence and the firmware recycled the numbering back to original.

Since then I’ve put ALL my MP images and video into the same folder on my laptop, and when I copy new ones to the folder I select them and run a utility … “Bulk Rename Utility” … on them that uses the exif “date taken” and prefixes every file with that in the “yyyymmdd_hhmmss_” format.
You can save the BRU cofig to recall it when needed … since I use the utility for many things, saving the config for any that are repeated.

This was when the numbering recycled for the first time …


Oh - if anyone finds all the settings in BRU a little daunting, this is the BRU config file that makes those changes … (866 Bytes)


This :point_up_2: I use BRU to copy to PC then move the now dated files to dated folders.