Changing maximum speed in Mavic Air 2 modes

I can’t find any reference to this in the manual, so I’ll try here.

My first drone, a Parrot Bebop 2, had the ability to alter the maximum speed, turn rate etc in its two modes.

I used to love it, now I’ve got an Air 2, the Bebop has been relegated to ginger haired step child status, but I can’t find a similar function on the air 2. I can alter maximum altitude and horizontal distance, but not speed.

Am I being thick/blind, or is the option just not there?

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Have you tried this option?


Lol, yes, but I’m after being able to alter the max speed etc within each mode, not flick between them. Sorry if that wasn’t clear, it’s what happens when you’re cooking and posting at the same time…

Ahhhh, right, I see :slight_smile:

DJI don’t give you that option, but it is possible (Autel, btw, offer two speeds per mode).

You’ll need to roll your sleeves up and get in to the world of firmware and parameter modding.

Or cheat, and just use the DroneHacks software:

Moved your post to the #modifications category, as I guess that’s where this thread is heading :wink:


If your meaning yaw rate etc them yes you can I think it’s in advance humble settings near the bottom this can be done for all three modes

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Found them, had a play, but nothing to alter the actual physical maximum movement rates of the drone itself. I’ll email it to DJI as a suggestion and wait.

If you’ve not been able to increase your maximum speed then you’re either doing something wrong or you’re you’re not looking in the right place :wink:

Parameters of interest to you:

  • g_config_mode_sport_cfg_tilt_atti_range


  • g_config_mode_normal_cfg_tilt_atti_range

If you’re new to the modding scene and want an app / tutorial to work the magic for you, this is a good starting point:

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Quick question Rich @PingSpike , if I mod my MA2 on its current firmware and then next week a new firmware comes out, will it hold the modded parameters when it updates to the new firmware? Or does it go back to default parameters each time it updates the firmware? Probably a silly question but I’ve not modded parameters before :grimacing: lol

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Installing a newer firmware, or older firmware, or even re-installing the current version will overwrite any changes you’ve made to the parameters.

This is good in a way as it offers you a get-out in case you break something.

And bad, if you’ve spent hours tweaking your drone to that sweet spot.

If you’re modding manually, make a note of your changes or if you’re using an app like dronehacks it will allow you to save / export your params and easily bring them back in again. And even share them with other people.


Thats great thanks Rich :blush: I’m gonna give it a go with the free Drone Hacks App to see what I can do. I’ve not had her out in ages and this will give me something to play with ready for when the lockdown starts to open back up :+1:t2:

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Does anyone know what the parameter sport_ffg_speed_ctrl_perc|g adjusts in DJI drones?

I’m wanting to do the same with the Mini2, but I just want to alter the settings for the “Cine/Tripod Mode.

I’ve looked in the Drone-Hacks software but ciurrently it’ll only allow me to adjust the Normal and Sport modes. The current version of Assistant2 has very limited functionality for the Mini2. I have an earlier version of the Assistant2 software with full editing options, I use with the Spark, but it doesn’t recognise the Mini2.

Only the Yaw axis is configurable from within the DJI-Fly APP. This is really annoying for me as the Cine/Tripod mode is virtually indistinguishable from the Normal mode. Unless there’s a suitable fix from DJI I think the Mini2 will become the first drone I will have ever sold on from my collection.

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Hey @Nidge not 100% sure on this but when I looked last night through my MA2 parameters with Drone Hack it only had Sport and Normal mode on the front screen (with the sliders) as an option to adjust but if you look in the advanced settings I think they had the Tripod settings too. When I get home from work I will take another look to confirm :+1:t2:

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Thank you for the heads up, Steve. I’ll have another look but I don’t think I saw an advanced section for the Mini2, with it being a newer model. But then again I didn’t have my reading glasses handy when I last checked.

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I’ve found the advanced section and surprise surprise, the tilt value for tripod is exactly the same as normal mode. So it wasn’t my imagination that tripod and normal mode speed was the same.

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Ah thats great Nidge, so did you manage to adjust it to the speed you want for Tripid mode?

Unfortunately no. For whatever reason, even though I can enter new values, they don’t appear to save. The reasons maybe:

  1. I’m not a registered user of the Drone-Hacks software.
  2. The installed firmware of the Mini2 is write protected.
  3. I need to install a Drone-Hacks version of firmware.
  4. All of the above.
  5. I have no clue as to what I’m doing. It has been known to happen.
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Ah thats a shame. I’m no expert (I only looked at dronehacks for the first time last night) but I don’t think you need an account for the free features like parameter mods. Which firmware version are you currently on? I know there is a newer firmware for the MA2 that is not supported yet, maybe its the same with your Mini2?

Then this is the absolute definition of ‘the blind leading the blind’ as I have no clue either :joy: hope you manage to get what you want sorted Nidge. Maybe someone like Rich @PingSpike may be able to shed some light? :+1:t2:

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Well, I’ve been faffing around and found that I can actually change the tilt value for what is labelled as “Tripod” mode in the parameter list. However, Tripod Mode by default is disabled. I have enabled it but it reverts back to disabled when the Mini2 is rebooted.

There is another mode labelled “Gentle” with a similar tilt value as Normal Mode (Gentle = 20, Normal = 25). Changing this value to something much lower, e.g. 10, appears to have no effect. I think it’s possible to change the exponential values for each of these modes but ideally I’d like to also change the rate for the pitch and roll axis in all the modes but I don’t know if this is possible. Also there’s no direct access to the controller settings as there is with the original Mini.

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