Channel mapping questions




Now I know they need to be the same in the quad on beta flight and in your model set up etc

But my question is this.

Is there a DEFAULT channel map you should be using?

There’s that many different channel maps that makes me think there should be a standard map that we follow to make things a little more clearer but is there something I should look to set my quads up using? Or am I just over thinking it (as I normally do lol)

Channel mapping was originally dictated by which manufacturer you used. Spektrum used TAER and Futaba were AETR. This was back in the day when you didn’t have all that programmable goodness in the radios. These days you can can flip between one or the other, and other derivations, which is great if you’re using a multi-protocol radio as some Specktrum DSM2/DSMX bind and fly models will try to kill you if you impose anything other than TAER on them. I found out the hard way when I bound my Taranis to a Blade 350QX in AETR config.



I just make sure that my channel map on my quad matches my model setup. Haven’t really thought about it having a standard as such as long as my stick commands match the channel that I expect it too then I’m happy lol

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I’ve always mapped to the way my brain accepts as logical. TAER ‘split sticks’ in the real world ‘AE’ are on one stick and that’s how I was programmed as a aircraft technician…:yum:

I’ll add, if it makes sense to you for which ever setup you feel natural, go for it…:wink:


I think what we’re learning here is it’s a personal preference. And along as each stick does what the pilot expects it to do and the radio matches the quad then there is no right answer :+1:t2:

Well that answers brain fart number 84636 that I’ve had today, thanks all

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It’s all good, we’re all learning. I’ve only just got into FPV drones and the main thing I’ve learned so far is you need deep pockets :rofl:


Haha ah very I’ve been into it for about 5 years and rc for about 30 years

This issue has been on my mind for days :joy:

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