Chapel Bay: West Angle Beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Chapel Bay is located on the southern shore of the Milford Haven Waterway, Pembrokeshire, Wales. At the mouth of the Milford Haven Estuary, this horseshoe cove is tucked right inside West Angle Bay. The beach is quite narrow at high tide but at low tide, it’s revealed; a huge stretch of golden and. The northern end of the beach has rocks perfect for climbing and if you can find it, a cut through the cliffs leads to a secret beach.

I filmed this on my camping trip to Wales and Devon last summer. Because it was a weekday early evening, there weren’t that many people on the beach. My TOAL was from the footpath, south side of the bay. The cliff is quite high and there are sheep grazing on the field so be prepared to have some four legged company!

Nice vid, well captured and good commentary :clap:

I was there in August visiting home, Pembroke Dock. We had a caravan in Angle just above the beach back in the 70’s, that was our summer holiday back then. In the 90’s, my sister worked behind the bar on Thorne Island. Free booze, plus due to the weather, frequently it was too rough for the rib to take us back to the beach. I had many a lock-in there. Great times :+1:

Random trivia about the estuary … it is the deepest, natural water port in Wales, and one of the largest in the world. The reason why the Millenium Falcon was built in Pembroke Dock.

Thanks, I try to have some narrative rather than some random back-and-forth footage.

Best kind of holidays really, simple & worry free and living for the moment :slight_smile: I was staying at Gupton Farm campsite and I got talking about drones (she used to have years ago) and showed her some footage I had taken previous evening. She then suggested the Chapel Bay to me so I decided to drive over. Lucky I did (not just for the filming), it’s a beatiful little place. Next time I’m around there, I’ll go to see the Fort and East beach. Probably should stay more than two nights though.

Yeah, unfortunately I couldn’t add that detail because I didn’t have footage from it.