Charging Mini 2 batteries via portable power bank - speed?

I purchased a Mavic Mini 2 fly more combo earlier this week and one thing that went unnoticed at first was that unlike the Air you can charge batteries via a portable power bank,

I suspect even though you can do this I imagine it isn’t very practical.

Does anyone have any experience of this and if so how long does it take to charge (my batteries are currently fully charged and ready to go so I can’t test!)?

I have two fairly beefy power banks that support QC fast charging and also USB-C PD and they can charge my Pixel phone with a 4000Mah capacity in pretty short order.

Sort of been covered before

I use a cheap one that has QC and it charges 1 to full in about 45 mins (same as the wall) so I can fully charge 1 while I fly the other 2

Hope that helps

Thanks - hadn’t seen that topic, was searching for power bank and mini 2. Sounds good - that was one of the things that was a bit of a pain with the Air. In days when it was allowed I used to drive an hour or more to go and fly and it would have been good to be able to top up my batteries while on the go!

Of your driving there is course always the option to charge from the car