Chased by a dog :)

Out for a quick flight this evening, and we appeared to have caught the interest of a dog who chased the drone back and forth across the field :smiley:


Haha, I’ve had this a couple of times. Ended up scared to land and having to take the dog right down the other end of the field and then floor it back to land before it can get there. Fun game!


On my first flight with the Mini 2 I was flying in a field with a public footpath running through to one side. I set up a good distance from the path but I still had dogs run up on two occasions and sniff around my equipment on the floor and jump up. Now I shoot much further from the footpath. With the mini in particular, which is a light and fragile bird, I’m worried it could easily be damaged by a curious dog so I’m particularly aware of walkers using the fields.

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Great way to exercise a dog, providing they are not constantly barking.
Our dog was the same when she was younger.
Appreciate landing can be a problem.
I wonder at what height a dog would lose sight of it.

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