Chasing the Kite Surfer

Tried to stay well clear as I couldn’t quite work out how high the canopy was. I was on elevated ground, and it wasn’t an easy one. Bit on the windy side - used the Mini 3 pro.


Been there seen that ;o)

Do the Paramotor boys still use the Fitties as a take off spot, I’ve chased them a few times too

(Don’t forget those YouTube links)

Yes they do, but I’ve not seen them for ages…

I just linked to this one from my website, but all the rest from now on, I’ll upload to YouTube. Just looking at your stream on there… :slight_smile:

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Just a load of family crap really, with a few bits of drone thrown in ;o)

It’s not crap if it 1) keeps you happy, and 2) gives you fond memories… :slight_smile: