Cheapest controller can use on a sim

Looking for a flight controller not neccesarily to fly. This is for my partners son (who I don’t live with, and would never trust with my RadioMaster anyways, lol). He’s interested in flying and thought might be a good idea.

Also do they work with consoles (xbox One in this case) or just PCs (DRL is available for Xbox), was another thought!

Might be a really silly idea, and not worth doing down that avenue, but I think I could get him into the hobby!

Dont do this, the throttle will be centred so no good.

Hense asking if a radio can work on an Xbox. I wouldn’t use a standard Xbox controller to teach no way lol. Seems you can’t from a Google but I’ve got an Xbox and a radio can check myself.

Their pc might be able to run a SIM on low settings. Lift off quite intense but velocidrone seems less resource… I think he would love flying but he isn’t trying my quad lol

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“If you already have a racing drone but want to fly in the simulator for the first time, you will be able to use your existing controller, as long as it’s on the supported list, you will also need to buy a third-party adapter to connect it to the Xbox. DRL shared that a few people have been able to use the Titan Two adapter to do this.”

Here: The Drone Racing League Simulator is out now on Xbox One hmmm

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So if possible (and will check somehow… actualyl I’d have to buy the game, lol), whats the cheapest HID compliant radio/controller with the mode 2 style inputs!?

Just a thought, but could you get something like this

And then scupper the vertical centering spring on the left stick?

No a bad idea to mess up a controller. Hmmm, good thinking!

It’ll rather depend on how much of a sealed unit the thumbsticks are.