Cheapest possible iOS device for Hangar 360?

If … in very large/bold font … I get an iOS device to be able to use Hanger 360, which is the oldest model iPhone / iPad Mini that will accept a recent enough version of iOS to be compatible with both Go4 and Hanger 360.

I have an old iPhone4 that was dropped from OS updates many moons ago and, as a result, won’t install Go4.

Checked the Hangar 360 app … needs iOS 10.0 or later.

Googled compatible devices … seems oldest are iPhone 5 and iPad Mini 2.

Anyone using either of these for Hangar 360 and can confirm they’re up to it?

Have you considered using other software to create your 360 spherical panoramas?

There’s a few great pieces of software out there (PT GUI for about £90 one off payment and Hugin which is free Hugin Download).

I’ve used these to stitch stills from my fisheye (Works). Although these were done with a fish eye lens at ground level I believe the same effect can be achieved with the narrower FoV of a drone, the main limitation of the drone is of course that you can’t take the straight up image so you have the disc of missing sky as you see on the Hanger 360 images.

Any just a thought, using Hugin might save you a bundle of cash on an iOS device and give you the images directly on your computer rather than somebody else’s cloud.

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Creating the panorama isn’t the issue … used all of those and MS’ ICE … it’s the image quality of Hangar’s that’s so consistently superior to any other method (found so far) from the MP.

… for example …

An iPad Mini 2 running iOS10 will run Hangar360 fine. It throws high processor usage warnings in GO4 from time to time.

An iPad Mini 2 running iOS11 is going to be sluggish - and is the main reason I’m keeping both my iPad Mini 2 and my iPhone 5S on iOS10 as yes, they’ll both run 11, but sslllooooooowwwwlyy. And that’s before you put a high-demand app on top.

Search eBay for one that’s not been upgraded?

Bear in mind too, the WiFi-only versions don’t have GPS built in, only the wifi+cellular. Not sure if this will be an issue for you or not, but worth a mention :slight_smile:

Someone should have told my brother this … or he should have asked me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup … was aware … but thanks for the reminder in case.

Thanks for the slowness warning. I’ll make a point of looking for one still on 10.

Also … Hangar works out in the field … don’t need stitching backup or laptops to spend hours in Photoshop, etc, to get close to what Hangar does in a few clicks.

But the base images are taken with the same lens onto the same sensor so what do you think Hanger is doing that makes the images so much better? Would a little care in the development on the RAW base images in Lightroom (say) not achieve a similar high quality result?

I’ve not seen the results from other platforms that you’re comparing to Hanger 360 so maybe I’m just misunderstanding - sorry if that’s the case.

As I say, yes, from RAW if you spend time, one can get close. But trekking in the mountains I’m not wanting to (a) take that much kit with me or (b) spend that much time.
A few clicks and you’re done, and you get as good as I’ve seen anywhere, seems like a good solution.