Cheshire Skies

Lovely weather so ideal for some snaps of the Cheshire countryside and a quick church snap. (The Church is well cropped but retains good detail).


Hi Alec, I’m a newbie from Altrincham getting a drone (my first) in a week or two. On the lookout for good places to learn flying in the Cheshire area nearby. Any advice appreciated! @Alecmilner

Nice pics by the way.

I’m still new too but have progressed to my 3rd drone in the past 15 months. Altrincham is awkward because of the airport but I would suggest heading west into the countryside. Loads of space and then as you gain confidence, Lymm Dam or the canal from Alti to Stockton Heath.

Dunham Massey would be nice but it’s National Trust so a big no no.

I’ve made friends with a guy on here and we have been out together to fly and share idea. I’m sure there are others who would do the same.

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Great pictures again there Alec.

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Thanks Alec. Heading west of Altrincham sounds like a good plan, looking on the map shows miles of farmland. I contacted Tatton and Arley Hall but drone flying is not permitted on both.

Sorry for my ignorance, but do you just find somewhere to park and start flying? It’s not going to be easy to find who owns the farmland unless they start shouting at you! :worried:

I’ve also been contacted by someone from Sale on this forum and he’s given me a few ideas too.

Pretty much yes but to stop my driving around without purpose I’ve started aiming for country churches. Loads round by us. Warburton has 2 local to you, Lymm and plenty more. Just look on Google earth for a start, check the no fly and danger zones then go for it.
Stately homes are all well and good but leave them to the professionals with permission there are plenty more things out there on your doorstep.

That makes sense Alec…thank you again for your advice!