Looking for some advice please guys? My wife and I are staying in Chester for a several days next week and I’m looking for any tips on good locations to fly or even places to visit (somewhere that’ll keep the wife occupied while I’m flying my drones :grinning:) I had a quick look at Drone Scene and noticed a couple of entries. So far our only plan is to visit North Wales and Chester Zoo, so I’m open to any other suggestions? Thanks :+1:

No advice for flying but Chester is lovely. Try not to obsess too much about flying locations and enjoy your visit.

There’s also so much good scenery in North Wales, where about are you heading there?

Rhyl isn’t that far away. It’s a nice coastal drive. Offshore windfarms.
Further up is Conwy Castle

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I can’t help myself :blush: :joy: The North Wales coast probably as my wife wants to go to Llandudno, though I want to go to the Pen-y-Pass.

Sounds good, cheers :+1:

The Blue Planet is very much worth a visit :+1:t2:

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Thanks Rich, sounds good :+1:

There are many nice pubs with good food.
Leave your wife to shop and try The Boat House, Off the Wall, or the Lock Keeper.

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