Chesterfield bando - 11am Saturday 16th

Hi all myself and @Earwig are planning to meet at chesterfield bando tomorrow at 11AM. Everyone welcome to join? @Jon-Denise interested? Out ATM but will add location/parking later

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Thanks for the invite, unfortunately i am at work in the morning, have fun!!! Jon&Denise :man_mage: :owl:

Going camping (flying) in Cromer. Next time as I’ve never been there

What time are you staying till, might have a ride up just depends what time i finish work. :man_mage: :owl:

Finish early. Not sure see how quick we break the drones. Will pm you my number

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Going to do my damnedest not to break anything today. :rofl:


Yeah ditto. Tbh my two ain’t perfect right now and yes said 2… Should be 3 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Sorry boys not going to be able to make it today. F##### work. :man_mage::owl:

No worries. Just arrived

Just grabbing some scran at Tesco. I’ll be there in a few.

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Ok mate. Already setup. A new guy here

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