Chesterfield bando + random fpv clip

Went to chesterfield bando today and got a little bit of footage and put the effort in to make a little edit


Show off

i got a new reciever the ethix tbs mambo and wasn’t use to it yet. hopefully couple hours on sim and will be back up to speed

Thought so. Pretty sloppy flying there. Get well soon :kiss: :laughing:

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:laughing: :rofl: :rofl:

looking a planning a meet for nov 14th sun or 20th sat at either willington, matlock, chesterfield bando (which is in the vid) or somewhere esle if i can find one. u knocking about on those days ?

I can do sat mornings (sometimes all day). Sunday is good too.

nice i will put a post up in the next couple days seeing where people want to go

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Where was the snippet of non-bando?

The field bit is in Shirland

Cool. I used to live there. Got some coordinates?

53.1295465, -1.4180256 through the white gates then down the hill

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Or better still, there’s a FPV category on Drone Scene now :blush:

That’s where I go walking with my dad. How did I not recognise it.

Great flying Ben. Get that meet posted fella.

Can’t wait it get out at a new location

I will try get it up in the next couple hours got a new cam for my drone got some problems to fix

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Yeah good flying mate. Can double up that new one and the “drone graveyard” in matlock :slight_smile:

We could do like a 2 or 3 in 1 day so go chesterfield them graveyard and matlock bando to mix it up instead of the same spot will put the post up in about 2 hours see what people want to do

??? is this the new name for the Matlock bando or a new site?

Note that Chesterfield Bando has lovely magnetic dust… it’s great at making motors grind.

I think that’s what he is calling matlock bando because he lost his drone there. Might be wrong though