Chichester Cathedral new roof

Been intending to try out a quiet and legal take off spot in Chichester for some time to photograph the cathedral - That the Bishops Palace Gardens in the foreground of the first picture which is open to the public and a nice place to have a quiet break in the summer.

If you look at the other 2 photos you can see that the left hadn’t side roof is green and the right hand side in a muted brown. After the war the Cathedral was given a new copper roof that gradually turned green, something us locals have always liked as it stands out so well across the City. However, the roof had been deteriorating so its being replaced. These are some of the last photos showing the green roof.


Finally a short 30 second video that I did for the winter challenge for the smoking chimneys


Yup, def a smokey chimney there !!
Great Video of a lovely Cathedral.

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When i was there last summer, most of the Cathedral was covered in scaffolding and white plastic, did not look good at all !!

If you look you can see the scaffolding on the central part (south and also the northern wings - sure there is a technical term!) and the side facing the street still has the white sheeting - guess it could be another year before it’s all finished and clear.