Chilly chilled flight over frozen Buckinghamshire

Fairly new to this lark. This was first test of TBS Crossfire TX / RX combo this AM flying over Bury Field near Milton Keynes. Super stoked at how well it all worked.

Some fairly simple but nice 4K footage from GoPro Hero 7, came home with a massive silly grin on my face! :grin: Need to practice more and do some more low level / close quarters stuff. Back to the sim first.


Just enough frost to also add the Ice Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

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I don’t want to be the one that burns a bigger hole in your pocket, but with the crossfire, you wont have to worry about range control wise, but video, may I suggest a tbs unify pro32 hv. :grin: :rofl: I have it on my 5" (let me down once, but it was because of a loose antenna) and it’s going on my 7". It’ll apparently run for ages without an antenna before it burns up. And it will integrate with the crossfire rx so you can even put pit mode on a switch etc.

I go as far as my pack takes me with a clear video.

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You’re a very bad man. :joy: