Chimney painting

Has anyone ever tried attaching a small paint reservoir and spray nozzle to a drone? The alternative method of painting the top 4ft of my house chimney is expensive scaffolding.

I guess the paint would be water-based masonry paint and I would also need a remote on/off button.

My Autel Evo 1 drone is about 1kg and so not capable of carrying huge loads but I would be happy to make multiple trips, painting 1 sq ft at a time…

Attach a hose and pump it up from ground level.

I thought about that but discounted it as I don’t think the drone will be flyable with that much of a load - and certainly not with sufficient accuracy to deliver the paint to the right place.

Just put a ladder up, slide the tiles up and climb up using the spaces in the tiles as a ladder.


I take no responsibility for any loss or damage, and if you fall off and break your lower extremities, feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, legs in any way or damage yourself or anything you fall on in any way, don’t come running to me to place a blame.

Or just get someone to do it for you. Maybe safer.