Chingford Plain


Great colours/shadows! :+1:

AND that gets you the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge! :+1:

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Thank you :slight_smile: This is the first time I used kuula :blush:


Was your image an exact 2 wide x 1 high? You tend to get a better horizontal horizon if it is … even if you have to add some “sky” to get it to that ratio.

You mean the gimbal position?

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Nope - image you uploaded to Kuula - dimensions - 2x1 ratio - width to height.

I just use the Lightroom to stitch the 25 pics, then uploaded that. I am sure it’s not 2x1. I have to learn how can I change the ratio in the Lightroom.

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Do you have any advice?

It’s probably something that can be done in Lightroom - but I use Photoshop.

If you change the canvas size by adding space at the top, you can fill that with a suitable colour, or blend/stretch the sky to fill. I prefer a simple colour (blue - sampled from the pano).

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I will try it next time. I need to learn more I am just a beginner :slight_smile:

This is in PS Elements 12 (getting old)

Image>Resize>Canvas Size

Adjust the height pixels to 50% of width
Click the down arrow to anchor the existing image to the bottom

Select your colour (I’d already sampled the sky as foreground)

It adds that colour at the top.

There other ways - it’s what I do. Quick simple. (It’s quick - I’m simple. :wink: )

This is the same image - and I’d done something a little more silly right at the top.


That’s cool mate! Thanks very much! I have to get a newer Lightroom or start to use the photoshop.


Love the MP at the top, great fun…:joy::joy::joy:


Strange thing is, I can’t actually recall how I did that.
There were some How To notes I intended to write over Christmas that never happened … and how to do that was one, and how to (relatively) easily stitch a pano that refused to automatically stitch was the other.
One day! :wink: