Choppy video

Hi guys total newbie got Mavic Pro 2, as a crimbo pressy. Spent the last month learning how to fly straight, sideways etc. Now I’m no super star when it comes to flying, but watching my drone it appears to to rotate smoothly and I’ve added smoothing controls to the gimbal. But still my videos seem jerky.

Now I’ve read on a few sites that the wrong type of SDH card can be to blame. I normal fly in P mode, not confident enough to use Sports mode. But still to try T mode I have enclosed a copy of my SDH card. Is this information correct or a myth. Or is the basically user error. I’m not looking to blame my memory card. As they say “its poor workman that blames his tools”

Therefore I’m looking to correct the issues and if it is down to me. I’d like to understand what I’m doing wrong

Choppy where? On the computer you’re playing it back on?

Is it up to spec? :man_shrugging:t2:

Got an example on YouTube we can look at?

Card specs are fast enough (if its real)

I always used Sandisk Extreme Pro or Plus SD cards in my M2P, with no problems. Drop your controller into T (Tripod) mode to slow and smooth everything down, that’s what it’s there for.
When you’re turning (yawing), imagine the drone is your car, enter and leave the bend in one smooth action, not a series of little actions interspersed with short straights. Plan your shots, know where you’re going before you get there, then practice, practice, practice whenever you can.

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Agree with others are saying. Is it the same when you view on all devices? Is it the compressed version from the app?

Hi milkmanchris.

I believe so I bought from a reputable retailer not a Flea-bay special

Information you’ve not supplied …

  • H.264 or H.265 video
  • 1080p or 4k
  • Viewing on phone, or viewing on PC after copying from card?
  • If PC - Windows or MacOS
  • If PC - Age of PC and OS version
  • A sample of the video so that others know what you mean by “Choppy”.

Hiya, I don’t know the Mavic but there are a couple of thing I can think of choppy video, make sure your project and import have the same frame rate and

uh, now I lost the plot again…um, ffs. it could also be uh,I wanna say shot too fast. Our eyes are used to seeing blur. I’m not explaining my self well. Hang on. I’ll be back!

I’m back :smiley: I can’t get what is in my head out, so I found a link, what I was trying to get out is under ‘unsuitable camera settings’

Hi guys problem solved it would appear the problem was part user error, part software.When exporting you click queue and not export Plus My software package Adobe iCloud had updated the Premiere Pro package but because of my operating system. It was unable to update the Adobe Media Encoder. which meant the two were inconpatible

I contacted adobe and they helped me roll back the software and all is working fine thanks you for all your comments

If you’re looking to export, this may be relevant too

(TRANSFORM Your Drone Video's with ONE CLICK! - YouTube)`

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ok solved the problem of a choppy video but not from it being grainy. I am better using Final Cut pro rather that Adobe Premiere Pro as the picture is still very grainy and dull. or is this more user error


The bitrate doesn’t need to be anywhere near as high as he is recommending, IMO.