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Hello lads ,i see some video of the manchester ship canal ,i live off thelwall lane ,not far from latchford locks ,i would like to meet up with fellow flyers .I have flown at r n a s black cap near stretton ,and fixed wing at westy park ,i am a bit reluctant at the moment to join the local flying club as it is quite far away . Chris


Welcome to GADC Chris - enjoy the club :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you for the quick reply , i moved up to Warrington in january from Aylesbury and i think its a great area for walking ,cycling with the trans pennine way ,Manchester ship canal ,bridgewater canal ,with loads of bridges and industrial heritage everywhere ,just have to find somewhere to fly fixed wing ,i have flown at Paddington fields by a bend in the mersey ,with the odd power pylon thrown in just for fun :smiley: .Chris


Hi Chris, the videos are probably mine, I am in Altrincham and there are a few of us around this neck of the woods!. Once lockdown is lifted properly then hopefully we can arrange a meetup.
@PingSpike says he is going to arrange one :wink: :grin:

This might be a good location for your fixed-wing

There is a flying club in Sale


Wait… what? :scream:

Hi from 4 junctions further north on the M6 @supercub1 :wave:t2:


Hello Chris
You are in an area of great film/image & history opportunities
MSC, Knutsford road swing bridge, Latchford viaduct & locks, Howley weir etc
There used to be a very informative/helpful weekly history/information meeting at St. Hilda’s on the corner of Slater St. & Carol St.
I have spent many hours kicking my heels around there whilst staying at Warrington Fir Grove, would’ve been handy to have the M2 then
I seem to remember something about a locally well known pub at Lymm, that information escapes me now.

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Hello mel157 , i went for a walk today at Marbury park not all that far from stockton heath ,miles of open fields and walking areas ,the grass is a bit lumpy but lots of room for quads ,of course everyone and his dog is there at the moment ,but if you choose the right time. :wink: chris

Good evening Chris. my appologies for the late reply. I was up in that area 2016, Marbury park would have been a stretch. I visited Sow Brook playing fields & Victoria Park. Unfortunately at this time I cannot see a visit in the near future. I have several vids of THEA II at Latchford Locks & Knutsford Road swing bridge.
I hope you enjoy and make the most of the opportunities that present themselves, show the uninitiated what they are missing…All the best Mel :sunglasses:

Hello there , just a quick question ,when a ship is coming down the canal do they have to park up at latchford locks until all the swing bridges are manned ,and then proceed ,just out of interest that would be a video ,catching a big-un through the locks then seeing the bridges all folding out the way one after the other .To catch the right moment would be near impossible.Chris

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Good evening Chris
I have a link that I used during my visits to the area. I seem to recall there are several helpful pages within it, one of them included advanced notifications of when Latchford swing bridge would be used by shipping also giving you the approximate lock times, I’m not sure if it gave the vessel name or not, in fact it may have have the complete shipping journey time from one end to the other?
Warrington Borough Council site…also
As for the use of the MSC I understand it is organised in such a way that the journey & times are known in advance. Apparently the department dealing with the swing bridges and locks are heavily penalised should they hold up the shipping, even to the point of a mechanical fault, which does happen from time to time.
You really need to see/video the shipping yourself…I will see if I can send some video to you, but please bear with me
Just thinking on… this link may also help…
I hope all the above helps your requirements…Mel

Hello and thanks again I shall look up the Warrington gov site .all the best Chris