Christchurch Quay

A quick pano of Christchurch in Dorset

Taken with Mini 2


Brilliant pano, could you give a new DJI mini2 owner a simple Dummies guide to how to shoot a pano with the mini 2. Any tips on what’s the best altitude, time of day, and any other settings to get the best results out of my mini2, and the best app to do the stitching etc.

I’m fairly new myself. I always like to shoot about an hour before sunset but it’s personal preference.
As for the stitching.
I just used the inbuild pabo setting in the fly app. the image is already stitched within the fly app and saved in a folder in your gallery.
You will have to upload to kuula in order to share it.

If you use the search on here for kuula you will find full instructions of how to do that… or someone with more experience than my trial and error was will help you


Loving that view in the section directly up the river into the setting sun direction. make a great hi res still shot. jealous in a nice way!

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great shot ,can i ask where flew from next time i am down there i would like to fly too thanks

I flew from here

Dropped pin

thank you, did you have no problems with the birdlife normally lots of seagulls and ducks around there

It wasn’t bad at the time of night I was there … about 7.30pm

Earlier in the day while it was busy with people there were a lot of seagulls and swans begging for food, so I chose to fly later once the bird traffic had died down