Christmas Day in Somerset with the Mavic Mini

Hey everybody,

I received a message today suggesting that I check out this forum and link some of the recent work I have done with the Mavic Mini. I am very much a newbie to drone flying and the link video is in fact only the third one I have produced since getting my Mini early in December. I am only producing videos for personal develop and to try and complement any photography that I do. Maybe one day I will have a view to do something more. I would really appreciate any comments or tips and your support on my various social media sites :slight_smile:

This video was produced from footage filmed with the MM throughout Christmas Day 2019, and edited using Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.



Very nice video, not much more to say really. Great cuts and shoots moving back and away, I guess you used some of the Qhickshots, but whatever a very nicely composed video. Keep them coming.

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Thanks. I think I only used the quick shots a couple of times. The majority was all manually done which isn’t easy with the MM when you are trying to get a dynamic moving shot as I am walking. Have to spend a lot of time with my head down, and lots of trial and error.

Bloody loverly … And that’s all i got to say about that .


New to flying and making movies if I did not know better (I don’t really though :joy::joy:) I would have said you were a bit of a pro bloody good mate well done and welcome to the club​:+1::grinning:

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Thanks. I am a qualified pilot; maybe that helps :stuck_out_tongue: I was a professional photographer 13 years ago but very much just the hobbyist now. It is good fun to fly and produce something that try to tell a story.

Excellent video, very well structured and edited, and really shows off the capability of the Mini. I think a lot of us could learn from it, I certainly can! Recommended to @GADC_Committee for a club Movie Director badge.

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Stone Cold?

A very interesting video and that sunrise was amazing. You obviously know far more about photography than I will ever know but but may I make a suggestion please ? I don’t know if it’s because of my age, it might be my tired old eyes but I do find videos so much easier on the eyes if there are calm unhurried transitions between different scenes in gentle videos such as yours.