Christmas Morning

Late Morning at Hengistbury Head, I thought it would be quiet but it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. I managed to get a quick flight in. Everyone I encountered were friendly and positively inquisitive, so there are still some nice people out there. It was Christmas morning though so I hope it was not an exception.


This was done with the panorama stitch produced on the aircraft SD card, which is a 2:1 ratio image ready for kuula. The file size is 13mb and the stitch I got form the images on the SD card and ICE was 40mb without changing the image size to make it a 2:1 ratio.

To be honest online you are hardly likely to notice the difference, has anyone else used the M2P produced pano stitch images? It also does a nice job of blending the canvas size increase, better than any I have done.

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This is the version using the original image files on the SD card and stitch with ICE and edited with Photoshop.

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Hardly notice the difference between them even on full screen on my 24" monitor.

Very nice panos :+1::+1:

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I fly my aircraft using Litchi. I think the IoS version does autostich but Android means importing 23 images into ICE (have to reboot the laptop into Windows) and though the stiching is good the image is an unhandy 19968 by 6230.

Open the ICE image in GIMP, scale to 16384 by whatever, increase canvas size to 16384x8192 and create a new layer to colour in the sky.

Which is why I don’t do panos very often :slight_smile:

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Yes it is a bit of a pain, I put the pano images onto my PC from the SD card, stitch them with ICE and thendo the canvas size etc with Photoshop, the same process, and as you can see from above there is very little difference doing all that and just using the one DJI Go produced.

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I manually stitched a few in ICE to do a comparison and quickly reached the same conclusion as you.

The onboard stitched images that the M2P puts out are superb and nothing to gain by doing it manually.

I’ve had a few that didnt stitch perfectly. Tried manually in ICE and they came out the exact same.

It’s really great just dragging the image onto Kuula and job done.

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Mac options are available

I am sure there are Mac options, I have never used one and I think it would be too much of a change, I remember Windows 3.1 or before. It has come a long way since those days and I have come along with it, Vista was the worst though! I guess it’s what you get used to, but the price of Apple products seem exorbitant to me.

Yeah I agree, it’s the first time I’ve done and wanted to compare the two, and agreed the difference is not worth the time, so I’ll be dragging straight in to kuula from now on.

Along with 8.

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Not a fan of Apple products. I run Linux on an old Thinkpad and also on octo-core AMD desktops. Occasionally i will use Fisher-Price OS, sorry, Windows 10 for tuning Naza and Wookong controllers or for ICE - WINE is a bit of a pain.

I see, thought you meant you booted into windows out of OSX, my bad :wink:

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The wisdom in the days when Windows needed a separate OS to lie on top of was never buy an even-numbered version of DOS. Hence Dos 3 and DOS 5 were reliable, 4 and 6 flaky. Bill Gates confused things by going from Win 3.11 to 95, 98 Vista, 2000 with a sidestep to NT$. But Windows 7 seemed. From 8 onwards everything seemed to go titsup with a system designed for touchscreen Windoze mobiles being touted as the best GUI OS for keyboard driven desktops.

I was very sorry when IBM cut loose from OS/2 - that was a really stable operating system. :slight_smile:

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Just the same Pano with a sort of copyright.

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I somehow missed out on Windows 8, I was probably in India when that came out so didn’t get into that and stuck with 7, but vaugely remember it being more touch screen based so put a Power Shell on top. Then 10 came a long which seems to have combined the best of 7 and 8, it’s not so bad.

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