CineFlea Maiden Flight

This was as much a refresher in video editing as anything else. :grin:

As for the little quad…
It’s a lot more sluggish than what I’m used to; it takes about 75% throttle just to get it airborne.
I have a couple of 2S 350mAh 70C packs and I’m getting 2.5 - 3 mins out of them. I guess I might have to look for some beefier ones, or start learning about tuning. :scream:


Love the sound effects Jez :smiley:

Heh cool video. I have one of those too, but I use 3S! Did the cineflea recommend 2S?

Not flown it for a while, as as you say it’s not the fastest thing, but it’s stable and quite fun! Nice little park you got there to fly around!

@gunja99 is correct, for best results 3S with a decent C rating will improve throttle response. Though the CineFlea is not really a Freestyle quad, and is primarily made to piss off your neighbours, as I demonstrate below.


Going 2S to 3S makes a massive difference with Quads I’ve found. You suffer a lot more battery sag on 2S in my experience and it makes a lot more difference to the FC…

Yes, I’m slightly concerned about the difference it might make to my FC:thinking:

Yeah, don’t stick 3S straight on that!

He said was a cineflea?

Comes with a 3S?!

Do wish I had the balls to fly FPV down my road, heheh!

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It’s a CineFlea frame that I got to put the innards of the woefully fragile Nano Long Range into. :wink:

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Now that makes a lot more sense! Heh. Need to fly my cineflea more tbh.

I only fly my little quads from the garden, THFS, Eachine Twig, MiniWhoops etc. The CineFlea is a little different as it’s a noisy bugger. Besides, I apparently have some misappropriated reputation, born from my appearance, and so my neighbours give me a wide berth. I’m actually a big soft teddy bear that looks like a rabid honey badger.