Clarity on Airfield laws

The 2.5 mile exclusion zone around UK airports, does this cover all airports or major ones? Major airports on the DJIGO app have a red no fly zone where the drone won’t take off but smaller ones don’t have this.

I ask as I’m on holiday in Cornwall and where I am staying is just within 2.5 miles of Newquay Airport but when I look on the DJIGO app it’s showing as an orange enhanced warning zone, meaning ‘technically’ I could put the drone in the air here, albeit I expect with some serious trouble.

I know DJI don’t police UK skies but I would have thought this should be a red no fly zone?

I wasn’t planning on flying near here anyway I was just curious because one place I was looking at a flight was Bedruthan Steps which I think from looking is just outside the 2.5 mile zone but within a yellow warning zone.

I don’t want to chance anything so thought I’d get some advice here.

Download the NATS Drone Assist app, switch off Upper Airspace and switch off Class D Airspace. Then you have what you need. :+1:


Basic settings …

Advanced settings …

One additional note on Drone Assist …. the initial map may show forthcoming restrictions that may not apply on the day you are flying.

Clicking on a location you intend to fly will display a list of all current AND forthcoming restrictions.

If you want to check what’s active that day - click the report button at the top and it will list them.

Clicking on any of the reported events will give you the dates/hours between which a restriction is active.


I have NATS and on that where I’m staying is literally 50 feet within the red zone and Bedruthan Steps seems to be well clear. So am I safe to trust NATS over DJIGO for information?

DJI include a rather “global” solution, and don’t cover many smaller airfields. So yup … trust Done Assist … it’s by Brits for Brits.

Remember, though, it’s the DJI NFZs that prevent the drone actually taking off … even if it’s ok in Drone Assist app.

Not a perfect situation, but it’s what we have.

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“The 2.5 mile exclusion zone around UK airports” thought it was 5 mile ?

which has a radius of either two or two and a half nautical miles and then five kilometres by one kilometre zones starting from the point known as the ‘threshold’ at the end of each of the airfield’s runways… (Source:

The Bedruthan Steps looks ok to me:


Radius/Diameter … Statue Miles/Nautical Miles/Kilometres … Feet/Metres

It’s really very straight forward. :rofl:

Yeah it’s clear, plus for want I’m wanting to do I’ll be no more than 100 foot up there anyway.

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You can always ring Newquay International airport ATC and ask them

Smaller airports which have low air traffic might give you clearance to fly but I doubt you will be given approval if you have no PFCO having said that there is no harm in ringing.

Sometimes I wish we had the system the guys across the pond have where they submit a request online to the applicable ATC

Really helpful that, when you are stuck with no internet connection, miles from any WiFi.
And you need to submit a request to fly NOW in a particular area where there is an Airfield.
It’s fine if you know your intentions days before you fly.
Not really practicable in my eyes that one!.

I am talking about with the pre planning. If you are a PfCO holder you are supposed to plan with site survey before hand. But yes if you are in the a particular part where there is no internet no phone coverage it’s not much good.

We have 1600 members, 21 of whom are PfCO. :wink:

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Sorry I am thinking like a PfCO holder. As I am working toward one.