Class D around the villages north of Glasgow, where can I fly

Im up in Bearsden/ Baljaffray, we have a few decent greens gap spaces near me which give 30m take of zones from houses or cars. However its still a ‘residential’ area, albeit it fairly sparse where we are at the north of the village with only a few streets of well spaced out houses, not urban as I would interpret from the code. I only want to fly around for practise, not for capturing footage of the environ, so no interest in overflying . Whats the thoughts on this? Would this be treated as 150m ?, or can i zip up and down the green bits as long as im high enough?.

Dont worry about class D as long as your not in a FRZ.

Have you tried our dronescene website?

Navigate to the area your thinking of flying and click the share view icon and it will give us a better idea.

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You’ll be well within your rights there mate :+1:t2:

Further reading:

cheers sir

i sat the online reg test and got my number , its the vagaries of build up areas…the prose is vague……Im planning to l do my pifco this month for some filiming im doing in feb, so for now just some wheeling about, without having to drive miles!!

thanks for the support


Andrew @neilsonphoto I’ve just edited your post, wasn’t sure if you’d want all your personal contact details, email footer and disclaimers made public :wink:

thanks…im so used to replying to emails…from my work machines! I forget this ends up on the forum

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I probably wouldnt personally just for the reason that a mile north is a vast space of open country side.

Probably much easier to go a little out the way to know your not going to have any complaints and better scenery.

Having now seen the area I’d probably agree with @callum as it’s more built up that I’d understood from your first post.

That said, I’d probably still fly down that corridor and off out in to the countryside from there :slight_smile:


I agree with you both, there are some clearings in the woods north , just out of this image, that make more sense.

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