Claughton Moor Quarry

A quick look at the Claughton moor quarry which feeds the shale in buckets 1.5 miles and 750ft down to the brickworks below. This is the last operational gravity powered ropeway in the UK


Tom Scott recently made a video about the cableway

And also one of a ride on it…


You beat me to sharing these. Great informative videos

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Thanks for these. Fascinating!


Interesting stuff. Those buckets are amazing.

Through my business , 2 Way radios , I work at some Quarries and Landfill sites. Have made a couple of videos , they make good footage. I hope to start posting some items on here but probably new year.

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Yeah they definitely do make interesting footage. I did want to walk closer so I could get some other shots but I was struggling to walk in the day.
I look forward to seeing your videos one day.


Delayed reply! Hope you had a good Christmas.

I had an eventfull one, went to LA then Vegas got married , saw Grand Canyon and amazing Arizona then back for a few days around LA!

Although we took the Drone we only flew it once in the Arizona desert and only recorded half the flight!!

Really have not done much with the drone but now starting our business so really need to get into it more. We are selling the Enterprise 2 Dual and have ordered an Enterprise Advanced! So need to earn some money!

Best wishes for 2022 and Happy Flying.



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I found this amazing to watch top man, :+1:

Glad you enjoyed it pal, I’m hoping to get over there again in the spring/summer and get some more footage. Subscribe and hit that notification bell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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