Clear, pollution-free air over the coast DJi M2P

A few coastal shots around my home, Portland, Dorset.


Hi Stuart

Nice clear photos, I live in Bournemouth and have been thinking of coming over to Portland and take some images and video, I have fond memories when working on a tanker ship being on an MOD charter, Portland was a regular stopping point discharging aviation fuel for the helicopters.

Where did you take off from for the middle photo, and did you get an hassle from anyone? Maybe we could meet up over there one day as long as our M2P’s observe social distancing :grinning:

Take care

Hi Phil,

I expect your experience of Portland is from when the naval base and the HMS Osprey helicopter base were here, pre-1999. Things here have changed a lot since then, some for better, others not so.

I took off for each of those from very open land (registered commons). I didn’t infringe any rules and certainly had no hassle.

We are lucky that so much is open here, with easy access, a freedom jealously guarded!

These are snapshots from short videos. I’m thrilled with my M2P!

I’m not a prolific flyer, It’s just an enjoyable casual hobby.

Hope you manage a visit some day.



Oh yeah it was back in the 1980’s, the Naval base was very much still there, and the helicopter base.

I’ll have a look on Google maps and see if I can spot where you took off from, I also don’t fly as much as I would like to, it was frustrating earlier this year, the weather was perfect for flying for weeks but couldn’t get out in it, now the weather is not so good but if I can forecast a good day I may come over, I like to charge batteries the day before otherwise I would be charging them contantly and not using they which doesn’t do them much good.

Thanks for your photos and keep flying when you can.
Take care