Cleethorpes by Night

Few from a Sunday night walk with the Mini. Plucked up the courage to have a go in the dark. So pleased there is a Strobon attached…


Well done! :+1:

You get the Night Flyer Badge added to your profile, too. :ok_hand:

Nice, crisp images. May I ask which drone you used. I was out with the mini2 and mine was no where near as good as these. Thanks

I would say it was a mini 2

I think the image resolution is a better indicator. The largest of those is 4000 x 2250 which precisely matches the Mini 2 16:9 specs.

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Oh yes. Didn’t see that.

Yep it was a Mini 2 on auto settings for the camera. I’m not brave enough to take the Mavic up at night especially without it being festooned with Strobons. The pictures had a brief moment in Lightroom to get smooth out a bit of the grain as it set itself to a high ISO.

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Well, it’s obvious I didn’t try hard enough. Lol

Keep up Richard, keep up :joy:

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Just turned into an OAP 2 days ago so yeah I am struggling. Lol

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Nahhhhh don’t believe you.

Not such thing as an OAP.
Your only 21 with 40+ years of experience…:+1:


good shots .Were did you get your strobe from would certainly like to try same with my mini 2

Best thing I bought for my dodgy eyes. Saves the “where has it gone” moments when you look back up from the controller.

Don’t forget the discount code that you will in other threads

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Which color do you use and were is it best to attache to drone

@john768 - There are already so many threads/posts about this.

Search for Cree Mini 2.


@tnxphotos Crickey, had me going there for a minute, thought I was going to see some juicy sexy film about Cleethorpes night life. The images that title generates … :grinning: