Clicking on places that have been flown already / drone scene then disappearing

I don’t know if it’s just me, I’ve been looking at a few locations this afternoon on drone scene, on occasions when I have found the location, only then to realise it’s been flown already with the little green badge, I click on it it pops up for a split second if at all and disappears !,
Not on all locations but a few, I have refreshed logged in and out but still kicks me off the location, never experienced this before and didn’t know weather to post this, so I hope it’s ok in doing so.
There’s a location in Rutland which kicks me off.
Highclere castle Hampshire also does the same, thankyou

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Thanks @Kirky this is a confirmed bug.

It was reported by @D0c.Col a couple of weeks ago.

It’s looking like the cause is due to the amount text we’re trying to squeeze in to a little info balloon pop up.

Locations with large amounts of text are all affected by this issue.

I’ll fix this for the next version / update (some time in January now).


@PingSpike thanks for letting me know, I didn’t know this :+1:t2: