Cliff Diving a 2" whoop

I bought a 2" CineFlea (aka Cine8) from UMT recently and took a punt on upgrading it to HD by adding a vista kit to it. Worked out really well and is a superbly fun little thing to fly - and it’s got some beans on 3S!

Conversion here:

I’ve just added a RunCam Split HD - which gets a lot of flack online re latency. But tbh, will my level of piloting, I genuinely didn’t notice any lag at all. 720p feed to the goggles, lets me record in 2.7k onboard, with gyro stabilisation, and the whole set up comes in at 109g which I’m super happy with. It tried it with a RunCam Thumb Pro but it was just a wee bit too much for it and was really unstable and not that happy overall. This is a much more stable setup.

Took it out along the coast of Norfolk today. First time attempting something like this so was heart-stopping for most of it! I figured if I crashed, it would probably bounce far enough down the cliff to go and fetch what was left of it :face_with_peeking_eye:

In fact, all went ok and came home intact. :grinning: This is also my first real attempts with GyroFlow, still loads to learn.