Cliff Erosion (Skipsea East Yorkshire)

Out to meet friends and walk the dog, couldn’t resist a quick flight, although UAV did advise against it (too windy and cloudy).

Anyway grabbed a few quick shots of the cliff edge, they’ve lost another 15 feet or so over the winter, wont be long before those sheds, sorry ‘lodge homes’ are gone too.


Great photo Chris :+1:t2:

I think if I owned one of those homes I’d be on the phone arranging for it to be relocated next week!


Is it this place?

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Thats the place Rich.

*link changed to avoid the shitty Daily Mail, this ones much better

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Skipsea is one of the most rapidly eroding locations along the Holderness Coast

Not something you want to be known for really, is it :scream:

Shit me…


Quick video that DJIGO made on its own, no input from me (life is too short), gonna go back when the weather is better, been visiting this spot for about 35 years, never with the drone though.


It has been happening for a few centuries thousand million years - since the Ice Age and there was no North Sea / Straights of Dover / English Channel. :wink:

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Nature :man_facepalming:

Indeed - at least the erosion isn’t something that can be blamed on man - but the stupidity of living on the edge of it … AND moaning about it … can be. :man_shrugging:


Bet there is still a parking warden wandering down where those yellow lines was to see if he can catch someone lol

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It is mans fault especially men with drones cause were to blame for everything. Can see the headlines now “Man with drone flys too close to cliff” :rofl::rofl:

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I hear that one - like the muppet that climbed one of the towers of the old Severn crossing (no, I can’t or won’t call it the PoW Bridge) and then just happened to fly a drone from the top.

Newspaper headlines screamed “Drone shuts old severn crossing” - no real mention of the eejit that managed to evade security, get into a secure area and climb a tower that isn’t safe without harness, etc…

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We suffer the dreaded “Erosion Curse” around our coastline every year.
Many people have lost their homes to the ravages of the North Sea.
Some areas of the Norfolk Coast regularly lose 10 meters a year in certain places.
Only last summer @PaperCrane and I, were at Happisburgh where only a week before a mother was seriously injured due to a Cliff Fall.
I never walk near Cliff edges, or under them !.
You never know when life is going to deal your card !.

Yup - we have the same issue here with the Glamorgan coast - very iffy and rocks fall at any time and even, sadly, caught a local out walking her dog who should have known better.

Further down the coast at Kilnsea