Clifton Suspension Bridge

Nice visit to Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge yesterday.


Great photos, need to take a trip down to the South!

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Fantastic shot’s i was there last Monday not drone tho, working lol

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Beautiful pictures

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Thank you guys :pray:

I am coming that way in a few weeks. Where do you take off from?

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I launched from here…

Nice big green area. Depending on time of day could be quite busy. :+1:t4:



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Thank you.

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What distance are you away from your take off area out of curiosity. If it doesn’t comply with the drone code feel free not to answer I’m not the police :joy:

I am terrified for flying long distances :joy:

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Take off is in a good space, can get busy but wasn’t in the evening.

And the flight to the other side I’d say was about 200-250m :thinking: perfectly in sight, you’d be fine. :+1:t4:

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Love the photo’s.

As a point of note as (Clifton) Downs are not legally Bristol City Council land they’re not covered by BCC’s no drones bylaw. So follow the drone code and all is good flying wise :grinning:

The winds can be quite gusty so if your travelling from afar check the forecast first.


Really First Class Pics…Did you Photoshop the Monochrome one’s…Like em :+1:

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Thanks, all edited in Lightroom if I remember right :+1:

I use P/Shop 6.

I did an online course at Manchester College of Arts and Technology on P/shop years ago. Lasted 10 Weeks and it was Brilliant,cost £80 but that was quite a decent sum in those Days.

Still use what they taught me,they actually showed how to make grass in a pic and it really looked natural.

Have you ever tried P/shop ? the Tools are Brill. Does lightroom do the same things ?


Is the Water inlet Tidal ??? :thinking:

Yes it is, See Here :+1:

Worth a visit at night too…


Brilliant Pics…I like the Low down shot over the Water with the reflections…gives the Pic depth. Must be a bit nerve wracking at Night.