Clipstone DroneFest Vids

Hi all though I would make a new topic so people can share there vids from the drone fest.


Nicely done Ben, that was really quick flying :clap:t2: I thought you said you was a newbie :grin:

Great flying @benb120. Less speed more accuracy.

Amazing flying for just 3 weeks though :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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I am

Honestly he puts most of us to shame

Yh should have gone slower but first time on a track so though just to send it why not

Brilliant! Willington tomorrow should be fun!

yes mate look forward to meeting u and the others

Awesome day today with @Jase_MK at Clipston Colliery for the DroneFest - top shout to the organisers for pulling this all together and getting access to a frankly spectacular location…

Top moment for me - blagging a smoke grenade from the (very nice!) air soft guys, strapping it to the underside of my slightly protesting ProTek 35 - and having an absolute hoot being chased by Tom (SyncFPV) - keep an eye on his channel for some hopefully sweet chase footage!

This is sadly a really short clip, hopefully some others got some good ground shots.


@DaveJaVu Those smoke bombs are awesome :star_struck: Good to hear you guys had a great time :+1:t2: Hope to be there next year if they do it again :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Yup - was a pretty awesome day. Would have been nice to get more flying in, but was well organised and everyone was super chilled and friendly. I got a couple of packs inside the building as well which was just :star_struck: tbh - not without incident though, but came home with everything intact. :man_dancing:


That was a fun day. Flew 5 packs and got to fly a crazy location that I’d never normally venture to. Had a couple of monstrously epic fails where I lost video signal completely in very dodgy locations - both times seem to be when someone plugged in on my channel. The fact I managed to bring it home mostly safely each time was down to a little bit of keeping a calm head and a massive chunk of good luck.

Should have a few cool video clips, will take a look through it all properly tomorrow and post up a compilation.




Here’s my wee edit from the Drone Fest this weekend. Nothing manic here… just some chilled whooping with a ProTek 35 - which was still heart in mouth for me tbh! Was a huge load of fun all round. Got to see some seriously skilled / fast freestyle and race pilots. Really good atmosphere, Matt and Peter (@magicFPV on Insta / YT) kept everything running as smoothly as possible. Also can’t thank the amazing Powerhouse Drone Recovery Team (Nope - I kid you not :sunglasses:) for doing an outstanding job all weekend - including for me. :pray: