Clocked up 500km / 1,000km / 2,500km (Long Haul Flyer’s Club)

3 drone later , finally reach the 1000km mark !


Congrats on your new Long Haul Flyer Silver Award Jason @Acedrone :star_struck:

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Please may I claim a 1,000Km badge.

Done! And congrats!

Been meaning to check this for a while, but kept on escaping me.

Can I claim my 1000km badge please kind sirs :grin:


Congrats on your new Long Haul Flyer Silver Award Ady @Leylo1971 :grinning:

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Thank you very much sir​:+1::smiley:

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These are my stats from the GO4 app before my MPP went to Russ
And my current fly app ones, the fly app ones only show the Mavic Mini, Mini 3 pro ,and the Air 3



The GO4 app has a nasty habit of including the figures from GO and FLY (see earlier posts)

dont use Airdata any more,the GO4 stats have never shown up on the fly app ones since i first got the original MM,and visa versa, even when i had Airdata, they were always separate entries but no matter i am quite happy with 1531 Km

thankyou for my Long Haul Flyer (500Km ) badge

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Still a long way off claiming my 500km badge, but just noticed that I have recently passed the 100km distance so seems like I’m getting there.

Haven’t done as much flying as I hoped this year with health issues, poor weather on my ‘good’ days and rail strikes on good weather days.

But things look like coming together for a short break down the (north Wales) coast this weekend. :smiley:

Hmm, question… I have been flying for about 14 months now, and have flown a fair amount.

The DJI website says I have flown 3885709 ft

That when converted is over 1000km… - 1184.364103km

AIRDATA however says I have flown 407km, and 30 of that was yesterday…

So, why the discrepancy? And do I have to wait until AIRDATA says 500km for my first Long Haul Badge, or do I get the 500km and 1000km now?

Airdata is usually our go to.

What does flight centre in the Fly App say?

407 km… guess I am stil waiting then :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me :grinning: will check mine later :wink:

Have you ever used the DJI GO4 app, Suzanne? :thinking:

Chris mentioned some doubling-up / inconsistency with the numbers on the DJI Fly app a while back :confused:

Why Feet, all my data is metric :thinking:


Nearly :sob: