Clumber Park

I know that flying over national trust sites is band but i have notices that there are yellow areas within clumber park, such as the cricket field and other areas.
My question is…am i ok to fly in such yellow zones ?

Are you using dronescene to check if you can fly at Clumber?

If so I think the yellow areas indicate a ground hazard and cover the whole of Clumber as it’s usually quite busy with people.

It seems that these areas aren’t covered by the National trust red markers but I’ve been asked before not to fly in one of these areas by a national trust warden.

Personally I’d either be very selective of when and where you choose to fly (early morning’s for example) or take off from the closes public road.


I did try my first flight from the cricket field last sunday, but wasnt aware of NT rules then. As a newbie it never dawned on me that NT sites would be restricted

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I’d not sweat it too much.

The NT are quite draconian with their rules and many feel they are using their rules to simply generate revenue.

Personally I’d ensure that you are following the drone code and be discreet and fly safely.

I will be flying that way once restrictions allow. Not sure if I’ll flex the NT rules slightly yet

I though a “YELLOW ZONE” indicated it was a secure COVID 19 area and there was no admittance.

I’ll get my coat and shut the door on the way out. Lol


That works for me :joy:

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NT sites have a byelaw which covers this (I have paste the appropriate section below, note the point right at the bottom, definition of conveyance)

Driving, Parking and Mooring of Conveyances

  1. (a) No unauthorised person shall:

(i) Moor, park or leave on Trust Property any conveyance except in mooring sites or

parking places provided by the National Trust.
(ii) Leave any conveyance between sunset and sunrise in any parking place on Trust
(iii) Ride or drive any conveyance over or upon Trust Property otherwise than upon
roads, tracks and waterways authorised for the use of such conveyance.
(iv) Use any part of Trust Property in connection with any race, hill climb, rally,
regatta, or other similar function involving the use of any conveyance.
(b) No person shall ride or drive any conveyance to the danger or annoyance of or
without due consideration for other persons resorting to Trust Property.
Note: In this Byelaw “conveyance” includes any air, land or watercraft vehicle or
machine other than wheelchairs and perambulators. Subparagraphs (i) and (ii) of
paragraph (a) shall have no application to pedal cycles.

However, byelaws are civil. So essentially as long as you abide by the CCA legislation then you would not be pursued criminally.

I would certainly not take off and land on NT property but over flight wouldn’t bother me.


I don’t even know what county that is in mate :man_shrugging:t2:

Got a link or something you can share?

Its a National trust site in Nottinghamshire

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Got it :+1:t2:

Sandwiched nicely between two airports :rofl:

No airspace restrictions over the park itself though :+1:t2:

That’s odd as I get this

Red and yellow all over the park.
The one area that isn’t covered is the caravan club site.
Sadly they don’t allow TOAL from their sites either

You’re seeing the National Trust ground layer, I was only looking at the airspace layers :blush:

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I would call them airfields rather than airports, they are only used for very small private planes

I flew at the small square in the middle, thats the cricket field. I near enough went straight up and not over any trees with it being my first flight