Cold but fun, first flights in a while

Got out for a couple of flights in 2 different locations near me yesterday, was supposed to be maidening a fixed wing mini sloper but the wind didn’t cooperate so I got the quads out instead.


Looking good! A couple of bits of advice…

  • The first location had a load of “jello” in the image. This could be fixed by more ND (I see you had ND8, maybe ND16 or higher (Edit: ah, in the description you mention you forgot it… doh!)). It’s quite dark already, so maybe you need to look for the source of the vibration. It’s usually a bad motor in my experience. BF Config motor tab can help find out if that’s the case. The second one had a bit of “Jello” as well, but not as bad as the first.

  • I think the video would probably look nicer with Horizon Levelling turned off. You loose the swoopy feel of FPV flights with it on.

Anyway, some nice locations to fly there!

Hiya, I’m a newbie - what do you mean by jello?
I haven’t bought myself any filters yet as I haven’t done enough flying to warrant it but want to get my head round the photography…

American word for Jelly…

Watch the first section. Especially around 2:07.

You can see the whole image is distorted a bit like looking through Jelly. It’s caused by vibrations faster than the refresh rate of the camera. They’re making the camera shake mid-frame. An ND filter will slow the exposure time down sufficiently that the jello is reduced.

I’ve linked to a part where it is particularly noticable.

BTW, normally Jello goes from top to bottom… but in this video it goes left to right… this is probably because the camera is mounted 90 degrees out from normal…

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This is interesting, the Peanut is mounted horizontally but as it captures a square image which is then cropped in the Insta360 app, I wonder if the sensor is oriented at 90 degrees, or would that not matter?

I didn’t know that jello normally went vertical, learned something new.

Time for new props at least I reckon…

That’s interesting… it’s been a while since I had looked at Jello on my Peanut… I usually have mine mounted sideways as well. I’d not noticed myself that it goes left to right like yours…

Video from spring 2022 with bad jello on my old peanut. Starts at the point with the jello.

I’ve been looking through my more recent videos to see if I can find any GoPro stuff with Jello. To see if that goes the other way. I know I’ve had some, but it appears it always hits the cutting-room-floor these days. I’m getting picky!

Yes… bad props can definitely cause bad jello!

100% that would make the difference. It’s the way it scans the image that is going to determine it.

Ah I see. Thanks for clarifying!