Collecting Real Helicopters

Spotted these off the road on the way home. Looks like somebody is collecting the real (but old and knackered) things for the kids to play on.


Looks like the old Westland Wessex Helis. lovely old bus.

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:joy::joy::joy: aye, the big kids! :wink: and who wouldn’t like a helicopter in there garden :man_shrugging:t2::sunglasses:

They’re all Whirlwinds not Wessexs

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I knew they were one of the two lol, very similar .

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Now i have sobered up after my brothers birthdayparty, I can see they are Whirlwinds, No hump after the cockpit and slim tail vs full tail boom. its amazing how Mr Jack Daniels can influence your concentration lol

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Which golf course is that? Something about it looks familiar.


Lakeside Park at North Somercoats looking at the map. I think it’s part of the caravan park.

I’ve seen a few old helis converted into camping pod sort of things, I wonder if that’s what they’re up to.

Nah!, not where I was thinking… but cheers for the info

That’s a farm and not an industrial site… and doesn’t look to to be linked with the caravan park that I can tell, diving down the road, it just goes to the farm and that road is marked as Saltbox farm, so no way into or onto the caravan park. However nothing to stop those staying in the park, from grabbing some supplies with a farm that close by.

One thing I found amusing… This end of the park, seems to be the rough end. Just a field, with not so nice views and no way you would even know there was a lake and certainly not landscaped to hide the surroundings… and you certainly won’t see any shots of this part in the websites gallery… It’s one pretty big site though.

As for the heli’s who knows, as I don’t think it’s connected to the park… BUT Loopdreams, could be onto something so while not connected to the park directly, maybe they are using the farmers bit of waste and to convert old heli’s into camping pods. or should that be glamping