Combining FPV footage and regular drone cinematic

Does anyone have any advice for doing this? I took some 60fps 4k footage on my FPV and then some 24fps 4k footage on my Mavic 2 Pro and ran into issues when trying to mix them on davinci. Seems obvious why now…

Does anyone have any advice as to the best settings for both drones to capture both fast flowy footage on DJI FPV and traditional drone slow shots on Mavic 2 Pro?

Thank you

What was the project frame-rate that you were using in DR?

If memory serves the Mavic 2 Pro can only record 4K at 30fps max? :thinking:

Can it do 2.7K at 60fps?


The same fps - or an exact multiple - 25/50 or 30/60 - and have the project set to either, preferably the lower.

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Yes, I think it can

With the existing footage, there is also a possibility to dramatically improve the use of footage that has a miss-matched frame rate.
Not 100% sure if this is in the Studio version only, sorry.

However, in the Cut or Edit tabs, select the video that’s not matched to the project settings, and open the inspector.

Near the bottom there is “Retime and Scaling”.

The better the job you want done, the more processor hungry it will become - and could take a while.

Options for “Retime Process” are :


Use “Frame Blend” (quicker) or “Optical Flow” (dramatically slower).

Options for “Motion Estimation” are :


They basically get more resource hungry the further down you select.
“Speed Warp” can be bloody marvellous … but can introduce some artefacts.

My preferred settings are :


But - the type of motion in frame can mean other settings might be better - and a case of trying different settings to see which look better for your particular footage.
Something moving within a basically static frame needs different settings, for best result, than nearly everything in frame moving (typical drone footage).

Limit the processing time for testing the settings by cutting the clips to around 10secs max in the timeline.


Very helpful, thank you! :blush:

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“Optical Flow + Speed Warp” on 60fps 4k is something to start before you go on holiday and hope to be complete when you get home. LOL!