Compass redundancy warning

Hi guys.

First time this ever got flagged up wile I was flying my Mavic today. Anyone had the same isue?
I’m hoping it’s software related.


I had this all the time on my second Mavic.

That bird was plagued with issues, I’m convinced it was a (poor!) refurb. No amount of calibrations would cure it.

I returned it in the end :frowning:

Were you flying anywhere unusual today? Near any transmitters, powerlines, etc?

How do both compass statuses look now you’re home, in the GO4 app?

Same spot I normally go. I updated the firmware and thought I better check her over before I flew so though I’ll do a compas cal before hand. One thing I will say is I was about 6 meters away from some metal poles so I’m going it’s Down to them. Got it home and still popping up but have no we’re large enough re cal so I’m going to give it a go in a big field tomorrow and see if that sorts it.

Well I took the bird into the field a done a compas cal and it’s sorted the probem out but have noticed it’s glitching ever so slightly. Still holds gps though. Connected goggles and now the goggles are telling me to update craft and transmitter!!
Did it as soon as I got the Google’s the other week. Strange! Recon I’ll have to go hard wire the Mavic and the transmitter up to make sure it’s updated correctly.

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Glad you’re (kinda) sorted Ash :smiley:

Yeah Cheers Rich but I wana get this glitch twitching shit sorted before I take it any distance. Hopefully I get it sorted in the next few days