Competition # 9: Win a £250 Amazon Black Friday Gift Voucher!

Well done @dalziel !

Didn’t win tho :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s ok Wayne, I’m winning the biggy at Christmas ! :sweat_smile:

Buy more next time :rofl:

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#BuyMoreTickets :wink:

You not Dalziel in disguise

Done a fivers worth on the wrong date for blk Friday :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rofl:

In my defence I am as blind as a bat

Nearly a winner too

Tonight was the first time I saw my name Mark, I think there are just too many to ba able to show all of them?

ALL participants are shown in this section of the live draw - once per person, not once per ticket.

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This evening’s :

Last week’s :


Well done & congratulations dalziel

I have entered every comp and seen my name on every draw

Just not on the winning line :rofl:

Maybe the correct answer could be mentioned on the feed, i know someone who put the wrong answer(and it’s not me), but still watched :+1:

Congrats @dalziel

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How’s about a grey arrows advent Calender !

25 days of prizes :star_struck::partying_face::smiley:

Ffs Richard, more chances for us not to win :rofl:

Thanks everyone, what a great surprise! I’ll put it towards a long overdue upgrade to my DJI Mini SE…. I’ve heard it’s a slippery slope from there!