Concerning battery cell deviations

On a recent flight where I was getting home “on fumes”, AirData has flagged up these. Guessing it’s just because so low and won’t be cause for concern, but will be keeping an eye on that.

They don’t “continue longer than 1 minute” so maybe all fine.

If that’s wrong and I should be panicking, advise appreciated!

Agreed, one to watch.

If that occurs every time I’d probably be looking to abandon that battery :confused:

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That’s quite a variation between the three cells, at the end.


Irrespective that some people say a deep cycle doesn’t make much difference to these batteries … with those variations I’d certainly give it a go. Nothing to lose.


Seeing as that one was literally on 0% I guess it’s had one regardless.

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With lipos anything under 3v per cell means it’s toast and won’t perform as well again in the future.

I would just bum that battery off and replace… 4s are only £20-30 each

These are MP batteries. Difficult to be so blasé about £90

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I can build a whole quad for that! Or get 4-5 decent batteries.

Dji really have got there users over a barrel

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Don’t look up the M2 prices then…


And if you think the Mavic 2 battery prices are bad, check out an Inspire battery cost :scream:


Imagine the cost of a new battery in a Tesla …. :stuck_out_tongue:

If only lead/acid batteries weren’t so large/heavy - the thumping great thing in my Shogun only cost £90.

Yeah I think I’ll try to recover it before giving up! It would hurt too much to let it go.


Yeah DJI batteries are a rip off, £110 for Mavic 2 battery which is basically a 4S 3750mah pack. You can buy a good quality 6000mah 4S lipo for half that price.

Your paying a huge premium for a plastic case and some very basic electronics.

But it’s soo pretty. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hoorah. Nice slow stress free flight on that battery showing no issues.


AirData is so blooming useful!


Agree Dave, love it.
Don’t like spending me money, but upgraded to Gold for the extra reports etc.
Think I got 13 months for the price of 12 and a 20% discount on first year subs.
Well impressed