Confused! Raw vs JPG

I have noticed that when I capture RAW & JPG on my Mini 4 Pro and upload them to my PC (direct from SD card) they seem to have different size images when loaded into Luminar Neo!
I don’t mean the file size, I mean the actual image!
When I open a raw file in, say, Irfanview, the image is the same as the JPG, but in Luminar there is so much more, but not in the thumbnail; that looks the same as the JPGs!
They are taken in AEB mode, if that matters!

Any idea what is going on? I’m confused!

Original JPG:

RAW saved as JPG via Irfanview:

RAW exported to JPG from Luminar:

I don’t know anything about luminar or irfanview so just a bit of guess, is there some sort of setting where your cropped in & not getting the full picture size maybe ?,
Just a guess.

Edit : just been having a browse on google check this setting maybe worth a try & or if no joy as the man below says.

How do I turn off zoom in IrfanView?

Click on the View Menu, then Lock Zoom. If checked, the actual zoom factor is saved and used for all new loaded images. This option is activated only for current session. Click this option again (or hotkey: SHIFT + L) to deactivate Lock Zoom.

Zip both files and upload them

I’ve had a couple of issues that I’m yet to investigate with the images from my mini4 as well, where Luminar won’t even open the files and basically tells me the resolution is too low. And also had images from my mini4 pro also rejected from alamy again because the resolution is too low and the image is lacking detail. Like I said though I’m yet to investigate this within my drone settings I’m going to suspect that its a settings issue. My Air2 is fine though and so was my mavic mini the OG.

Will have a play tomorrow night and attempt to open a couple of my Blackpool Tower mini4 pro shots in Luminar and see exactly what error it’s giving me and report back will also check the JPG vs DNG see if my image crop is different between the JPG and the DNG and report my findings back here also. :+1:t2:

I don’t know anything about Luminar Neo, but Raw files have a low-res JPG preview embedded. I sounds like it’s using that?

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Zip containing both JPG & Raw. Note that that Windows Photos shows same as Irfanview for the RAW! (19.1 MB)

@markfull Was the drone camera zoom set to 3x?
Scaling your exported RAW image to 300% looks a lot like the crop on the JPG.

EDIT: exiftool reports the digital zoom in the JPG file as 3
Digital Zoom Ratio : 3

As @bingbong said, the RAW DNG file contains a low-res thumbnail JPG image to allow quick previewing.
That’s what IrfanView shows while Luminar is using the unprocessed sensor data from the RAW image.

Lightroom also displays the zoomed JPG preview until it builds its own preview from the RAW data then shows the full image.
When I saw this, I stopped using the camera zoom. Not as convenient but more control.

I opened both in Photoshop



As you can see the image sizes are the same, IrfanView reports the same

I suspect Luminar neo is using the low res JPG preview like Windows does

whats the image size once exported?

Yes, I think the drone was zoomed. I did wonder if that may be the cause; it sounds like you may be right regarding the preview in Luminar.

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Thanks everybody for your answers.
I must admit, I didn’t realise that the raw file contains a low res thumbnail!
It makes sense that Luminar uses that as the preview in the catalog, it just threw me a bit.
Looks like the drone zoom only affects the JPG!


I’d say that’s because the drone doesn’t have a physical zoom it just digitally crops the image so with the raw file it just captures the whole sensor and allows you to crop in post :+1:t2: