Conisborough Viaduct - Doncaster

So I decided to take my daily exercise down by the river Don and took my Mavic’s with me.

Unfortunately the wind was a lot more than I’d expected so resulted in me taking a couple of photos from a lot lower than I’d have liked to.

It was also stupidly bright and I messed up with the iso - I’ll be back again to take some better photos


Its a great spot and deffo a Donnie meet in the summer location


I’ve flown there a few times, I agree with Chris

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It’s a great location on the right day. I took my mavic pro and mini luckily.

I only tried with the pro and had wind warnings constantly at 40-50 feet.

Forgot how steep that hill is back up to the top too!

It’s my first time there but have been on the mountain bike a few times.

I tried sprotborough falls but it was so busy I thought I’d try here instead

Sprotborough falls is another good one, but as you say, when its not too busy.
I nearly lost my Mavic Air 1 there, was doing the, “how low can you go?” lol beutiful spot

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Put it this way, I couldn’t find a safe space to park up so just gave up and headed for the viaduct.

One for an early morning I think

If you can get there, try at dawn, the lighting in that area is, well, pretty rubbish due to the tree line. But well worth it.

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