Connecting Epson Moverio BT-35E Glasses to Air2 S

Well, sold my MP2 and Smart Controller and in the process of getting an Air 2S. I’ve just realised that without my SC, I no longer have HDMI or USB3 video output to the BT-35E glasses. I intend to connect the Air 2S controller to a Tripltek 8 tablet and that only has one USB3 connection. On the controller, I believe there is a connection at the top near the antenna and this is used to connect to a phone/tablet. I suspect the USB3 socket at the base of the controller is for charging only. I don’t think the USB3 socket on the tablet provides video output either so a USB/HDMI hub would probably not work. Someone on another website mentioned using a ‘Anycast’ device to mirror the tablet screen, might be worth trying. Does anyone else have any suggestions please?

If you are in the Apple eco system you can now Airplay your phone to a an Apple laptop…. Have yet to try it myself and don’t know if it would have any effect on radio transmission….

Sorry not very helpful in your scenario but thought it may be worth mentioning just for interests sake.

Get an Nvidia Shield K1 off eBay, it mirrors your phone and outputs HDMI.

At silly prices at the moment, I bought one about 4 years ago to mirror my Parrot Disco to Dji RE goggles.

There’s one on at £36 right now, the hoarder in me is screaming to buy it….:roll_eyes:


Thanks for your advice, I did use an iPad Mini 4 in the past but found that the screen was not bright enough and that’s why I bought the Tripltek tablet. Totally overlooked the fact that it did not have HDMI or USB3 output. Don’t really want to get another tablet at the moment although the Ebay Nvidea Shield looks interesting. I think I’ll cut my losses and put the glasses up for sale.