Considering a purchase of the DJI mini 2

It will be my first drone. So i have some questions if anyone could help…

  1. The DJI app doesn’t have great reviews on the app store. Why do you think this is…? Am I likely to have trouble with it when controlling the drone?

  2. I currently own a mobile phone with no UK sim card and thus no data plan ( I was living overseas a few months back ). Is it possible to properly use the app / controller with my iPhone attached without 4G…? Or does it require 4G to help the drone return home via GPS?

  3. What is the best price and place i can purchase the DJI mini 2 from, considering I get the pack with everything included?

Loving this helpful forum so far. Cheers guys!

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Because people expect the world for free
It’s perfectly good enough for flying your drones.
And there’s always the LITCHI app (currently unavailable for mini 2) but soon will be.

The fly app will work fine

Not sure on current prices but Argos is always a good bet and it’s collect right away.

You will require either a mobile signal, or WiFi, in order to create a DJI account and also to activate the new drone.

After that, the only time it ever needs the internet is if you wish to have maps available.

Maps are a personal thing, many use them, many don’t.

Due to DJI price fixing the Mini 2 is the same price everywhere.

The Mini 2 is too new to be discounted by DJI yet. But if / when it’s put on offer is on offer everywhere for the same price (price fixing, remember).

We have a thread over here that tracks all the offers:

As recommended by @McSteamy2010 above, I’d also only buy from Argos or Amazon. Same day delivery, hassle free returns.


Welcome Chris

Just seen this posted by @DroneGeek May well be of interest to you if you’re quick :wink:

Most of the complaints are from people who assume things.

I’ll admit i only saw that the app was android compatible… I didn’t look hard enough in advance (didn’t do my research properly) to realise that there was a device compatibility list… My fault.

However I could not go and complain about the app when i didn’t do the proper research. I understand that someone could want the app to work with their current phone but if it is not the approval list it is moot.

There are inexpensive ways to get it going (mentioned in this and other forums) but many seem to want it to work only with what they have and will just moan.

Another vote for Argos for purchase

Very sell them & you get 10% off if you register for a store credit card & they used to offer interest free for 12 months (or pay it off fully when bill arrives :+1:)
Otherwise Argos are as good as anything else & will swap if issue under 30 days.

It says £548… if i buy that with cash is it cheaper than usual? or only cheaper if buying with monthly payments you mean?

also, some questions down below seems to suggest a licence is needed…


[Do you have to have a special licence to fly this in public?]


If you live in UK (as of 31st December 2020) and own either the original mini or the Mini 2. You must have an operator ID at a cost of £9 per year. This ID, must be placed ON each and every drone you own. NOTE each time you apply for an operator (every year), the ID will change, so it is suggested, you not permanently mark your drone.

You open a new ‘credit’ account, this gives you 10% off any purchase. You can then take advantage of the 0% interest term or pay off in one go.

That is correct. You need to register yourself with the CAA and pay £9 a year for your flyer & operator ID.

All your questions been answered but all I can say is I absolutely love mine and is my go to drone. Love it. Mini 3 when ever released I will be having one.

I fly mine with an iPhone with no SIM card. I download updates via my home WiFi.

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For what it’s worth the Mini 2 is £349.17 on Amazon today. It was also this price on Friday (which made my bite and finally get it) it went back to the £419 price at the weekend, so not sure how long it will stay at £349.17. Is there a new model about to be launched hence the price drop?

You can buy the refresh package direct from DJI afterwards if that is a deal breaker.

Hi. I have the mini 2 with fly more combo. Do it. You will love it!! Especially for a starter! The app is fine to use… don’t let OTT reviews put you off. DJI is top of the drone chain for a reason :muscle:t2:

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ok, but that has no problem with the ‘return home’ feature? i guessed it would need loive refresh of maps for that to work, hence the need for phone data…

huh…so why was amazon telling me £548?! That seems quite a price difference…

Also, is there any DJI contact service number for if / when any tech problem arises that i may need help with…?

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OK. Is there any DJI contact service number for if / when any tech problem arises that i may need help with…?

Hmm, that’s strange. I was under the impression that because it was under 250 grams, none of the troublesome license and regulations stuff was required…?

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548 is for the combo which includes extras, the 350 is only a mini 1 so check the prices carefully on Amazon. I have had no bother with my mini 2 that I got from them and just purchased an extra battery separately. You can get dji refresh separately from dji direct when you register the drone .:sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Because Amazon change their prices at a wim. The Mini on its own was lower, the fly more combo was and is still £548, and the standalone mini is back at £419.

I recommend you sign up for camelcamelcamel and set a price alert. It’s Price has been bouncing around all week.

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The rules all changed in January. Read The Drone and Model Aircraft Code | UK Civil Aviation Authority

And this thread: Drone and Model Aircraft Code: updated for 2021

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