Control battery

How long does your controller battery last?
After 3 flights my battery is down to 50%. May be because it’s also trying to charge my phone at the same time. Not sure.

That’s about the same as mine … with the Adroid charging … so enough for the 3 MP batteries I own.

On holiday, with 3 extra borrowed batteries, I used a normal phone battery pack to keep it (and my phone) topped up between flights.

On android about same as you.

On iPad I normally run 3 batteries and have about 80%+

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I was going to start a new topic but thought I’d add to this one, if thats ok.

I’ve noticed that with my Android phone connected to the controller, it dont half nail the battery in the controller.

Having seen some vids online, you can turn off mobile phone charging as an option from within Go4 app but I believe this is for iOS only. It isnt on by default however that optiopn doesnt seem to exist for Android Phones.Sooooo the controller is constantly topping up my Android phone even though its practically full.

I dont suppose anyone knows where the option exists to switch off the option for phone charging for Android phones do they ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres the option I dont have in Go4 .

There are apps that prevent charging, but you do have to root the android device to install/operate them (which can cause other issues, of course).

I’ve never managed to drain the RC battery even over 4 MP batteries, by which time they need charging and the RC can be recharged at the same time - so, whilst somewhat annoying that one can’t control it, I’ve not found it to be an issue.

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Fair enough. I wont worry too much more about it then and just see how it goes.

Its one of them things you see where its an option elsewhere so ‘Wheres my option huh?’

Cool. Thanks for that :slight_smile:


That option was only added with the M2.

Previous versions for the MP etc didn’t give you the option. Android always charged the RC and there was no way to do it with IOS.

not sure but i think on android there is a setting option when you first connect your device to the rc about what you set the usb to do.???

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Only as to which app it connects to.


Now that does ring a bell. Some kind of option about USB behaviour on the phone itself. Will look at that! :+1:

Perhaps you were thinking of the USB.connection control …

Unfortunately, that is “Charging only” for the first one, and "Charging with … " for any additional ones.

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Yep I think that may have been what I was thinking about😀

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